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By just a rough analysis of the market, we have come to a conclusion that there is plenty information out there guiding the traders as to what is the best time to buy or sell a cryptocurrency or what are some of the crypto trading best practices that traders or investors need to be aware of.

However, there is very little to no information to guide project managers and people who are busy creating these new cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Worry not, for we are here to guide you on how to go about listing your newly created cryptocurrency.

Before we dive into the intricacies of how and when to list a newly developed cryptocurrency in order to maximize it’s value, we need to understand the factors that go into determining the value of any cryptocurrency.

According to the various studies carried out to determine what factors go into deciding the value of a cryptocurrency, the consensus is on five of the most important factors as listed below;

  1. Economic situation,
  2. Power of the media,
  3. Rules and regulations,
  4. Cost of extraction, and
  5. Supply and demand.

Cryptocurrencies like any other currency are to some extent dependent on the economic situation of the real world.

The current global pandemic is just one example of how a global recession affects all currencies uniformly regardless of them being digital or not. Similarly, the recent attention that many cryptocurrencies have gotten on the media have contributed a lot to an increase in the value, meaning intentional or not, marketing can really help cryptocurrency achieve value.

imilarly, rules and regulations need to be in the favor of cryptocurrency and digital businesses in order for it to achieve value. You cannot really develop a token in a country, which has no regulations concerning cryptocurrency.

This is exactly why countries like Estonia are gaining popularity for digital businesses and people looking to create new cryptocurrencies. Finally, the cost of extraction of a cryptocurrency is also a major factor in its pricing.

However, the most important factor of all is demand and supply.No cryptocurrency has ever been successful in the market if it did not have any demand. Studies have shown that the greater the demand of a cryptocurrency, the greater is its value.

Similarly, the smaller the supply of a cryptocurrency as opposed to its demand, the greater the value of the cryptocurrency.

So the question might arise as to how does one generate the demand for a new cryptocurrency that no one is aware of. In an ideal world, the issuer of a token will already have a network from which they are going to tap investors to invest in their cryptocurrency.

For example, large companies with a network of buyers, suppliers or customers will have all the reasons to start their own cryptocurrency, which its customers can use to buy or sell products.

In other cases, the companies have some sort of truly disruptive technology and based on the promise of future potential they get the investors interested in their new cryptocurrency.

Overall, the success of a cryptocurrency is determined by the fact as to when the company decides to list the coin for sales. What most startups do is they think of an idea, they create a whitepaper and list their cryptocurrency on their website to sell it, which makes it extremely difficult for the cryptocurrency to rise in value since the company has basically abandoned it.

Therefore, it is important that the company launching a new cryptocurrency generates the adoption of the blockchain.

Once the company has successfully influenced a good amount of investors and customers into adopting their blockchain, they have increased the demand of their new cryptocurrency. Once there is some demand, they can now successfully list their cryptocurrency for sale.

A good example of this is the Nether coin which as created on 8th December 2018 and was not listed for sale immediately, instead the team decided to list it within the first five years of its launch.

Meanwhile the team worked on the adoption of the Nether blockchain and once we had created enough demand, we decided to list the Nether coin.

Therefore, if you are a start-up in its initial phases and have successfully created a cryptocurrency, our advice would be against listing your cryptocurrency immediately and instead focusing on the adoption of blockchain.

The only cryptocurrency that is successful in the market is the one based on price sustainability in the future, which gets the investors and traders interested in the cryptocurrency.

Once you have successfully done that, you can list the token and enjoy the benefits.