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Catex is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform that was established in 2018 in China. It is a mining transaction exchange, which is quite a novel concept in cryptocurrency business. The investors go for the mining process while they trade for any coins that are listed in the exchange.

The platform shares around 90% of its dividends on regular basis, with its users. It means that the exchange platform only takes around 10% of the dividends for covering expenses such as advertising, employee and developments costs. The platform employs CATT ERC-20 as its token for executing exchange on Catex. The platform has global communities in different countries and regions such as Korea, USA, China, Bangladesh, Russia, Turkey, Middle East, Indonesia, and India.

Prominent features and Services:

High Performance:

the advanced technologies such as cache, asynchronous, reserved index, NOSQL etc make it possible to the exchange at a high speed and keep the performance of the platform excellent.

Security and stability:

The platform’s security is monitored and controlled from multiple dimensions such as cold wallets, operating systems, firewalls, database servers, application servers and professional penetration tests in order to keep the platform secure and away from hackers.

High quality services:

The platform’s support team offers telegram service in real time and ticket service is maintained 24/7, which enables the high efficiency of trading and investing processes.

Community managed exchange platform:

Catex offers a community managed exchange platform in blockchain space, which is one of its kind and focuses on meeting demands of community in all decisions.

Mining Bonus:

Catex provides 5% bonus on its all mining investors, which makes the trading and mining process more appealing to investors. It means that 5% mining fees would be returned to the users in the form of bonus.

Multiple trading pairs:

Catex offers its users a chance to trade in multiple trading pairs. The pairs may include Catt, Bitcoin, Ethereum, neo, stellar, ripple, tron, iost, litecoin, dash and others.

Buyback and burn program:

Catex exchange platform team offers a buyback account. The revenue for the account from multiple directions including dice game catt profits, transaction fees, and the catt tokens employed for voting competitions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Catex Exchange Platform:

Following are the striking benefits of Catex

  • Referral systems offer 50% commission if the platform is reffered to others for trading
  • 90% of income generated from mining and trading process is circulated within catt token holders
  • Backup and burn programs ensure the market estimation of catt
  • Users get the opportunity to vote for their favourite projects with ten catt tokens for each vote
  • Trading codes, two-factor validation, alphanumeric login codes, and pulling back codes ensure the security and thus the reliability of exchange platform

Disadvantages of Catex include

  • Its policy to change terms and conditions at any time, which may cause disturbance for investors
  • All users have to register into a Catex account before using its site
  • The registration on the platform requires personal information of users, which may be used for illegal purposes such as terror financing, money laundering, or fraud etc
  • The registration in a Catex account requires the users to be at least 18 years of age and be an independent person, which may limit platform’s scope.