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P2PB2B exchange is a fast growing advanced online cryptocurrency platform that was established in 2018 in Estonia. Since its establishment, P2PB2B has been gaining attraction across the globe with the help of all the necessary tools and features. It offers a selection of more than 200 cryptocurrency tokens and partners with other crypto projects. It has an estimated daily volume of about $400M, according to Coingecko. Its crypto startup Partner initiative offers trading consulting and assists the users in developing their community, support liquidity and create growth strategies. 

The platform runs the token sales of crypto assets and helps users to invest easily in comparatively new currencies. Other services offered on the platform include earning deposit programs, gamification events like airdrop trading competition, referral program games etc. P2PB2B runs on high processing speed with the capacity to handle up to10000 trades per second. Its KYC identity verification process supports AI-powered technology, which speeds up the process of authentication. 

Prominent features and services: 

PACT community Token:

the platform provides its native token i.e. PACT to its community. The token allows the users to get increased profits, save funds on commissions, takeexclusive airdrops, and make the user experience more convenient for its members. 

Multilingual 24/7 support:

P2PB2B exchange platform supports multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German, Indonesian and Korean. It makes the platform accessible and open to a huge number of users from different regions. 


It supports 200 currencies, and fiat money including BTC, ETH, and USD among many others. 

Optimised User Interface:

The Exchange platform offers single page application, which allows for speedy interventions via dynamic updates regarding content. 

High Performance:

The most striking feature is its high processing speed, which offers 1,000,000 TCP connections. 

Dedicated Support Team:

Its dedicated support team can be contacted via submitting a ticket, sending an email, or communicating in a live chat. 

Amazing security measures:

the platform’s more than 95% currencies are stored in cold wallets. The WAF (Web Application Firewall), which is a protective screen of a web application, installed for detecting and blocking hacking attempts. 

OWASP Top 10 Standard:

it is designed according to top 10 OWASP standard security requirements and stands as the 12thmost Trust Core secure cryptocurrency as per CER ratings. 

Advantages and disadvantages:

The main advantages of using P2PB2B exchange platform are

  • Excellent processing speed
  • Amazing security measures and protocols
  • 24/7 customer support regular bonuses and discounts
  • Great referral programs for games
  • Easily usable for beginners and less tech savvy users
  • High interest rates on large-cap crypto and PACT token
  • Multiple options for buying/selling multiple large/small-cap cryptocurrencies

Disadvantages of using P2PB2B platform are

  • KYC is necessary for withdrawing or depositing assets
  • Lack of transparency regarding the team at the website and LinkedIn pages
  • The user interface does not have much appeal in terms of modern day requirements
  • Lack of futures or margin trading may be the reason for pushing experienced and potential traders.
  • A number of users giving negative views regarding services provided by the platform.